Summertime sadness

I gave my CC3 last Wednesday and well, paused for the longest time mid-speech. So, since my club couldn’t hear my entire speech crafted after two nights of no sleep, here it is.

Please leave courtesy laughter.๐Ÿ˜ข

I don’t think they heard my jokes over the screams of my dying neurons.


Good evening ToastMasters

It’s good to see you all after such a long summer holiday, I am sure you are all refreshed and ready for the next 6months.

Since most of us are still floating on happy clouds of post-holiday euphoria, let me give you a small recap of the last few days of the previous semester. Perhaps the finals are a good place to start. Let me tell you how I spent the 2 weeks of heavy reading and muttering and memorising notes. Basically trying to survive the general mundane chaos.

I finished a season of Jessica Jones and immediately became a fan of Marvel’s dark portrayal of an amazingly good character. I caught up with several other tv series I had on my list while pestering my roommates by abruptly yelling at my laptop screen at regular intervals. One of them is here right now and you can see the tight polite smile on her face. I also finished a book, a small-ish novel by the current status of Syria through the innocent eyes of the 13-year-old protagonist fleeing the country. I started a blog and a Facebook page for the blog. But before I could customise it further, the VIT-wifi died. By the time it came back on after an hour of yelling and hurling swear words at the modem, I deleted the Facebook page out of sheer awfulness of the idea.

I went out for a run the evening before Biochemistry final and like an idiot over-exercised. Of course, I ended up with sore muscles and heavy eyes in the middle of the exam. On top of that, I can’t tell you how badly “Despacito” was stuck in my head during the entirety of the exam.

By the time I got that annoying Spanish drawl out of my system, it was already too late. The only exam I had left was boring basic Biobusiness. Something none of us ever studied for, something I surely didn’t study for since my notes were filled with idle doodling.

And then, just like that, it was time to go home.

Now, let me tell you how my summer holidays went. As you can imagine, I worked on my blog, wrote an essay a day. Took out my old paintbrushes and let the fine pony hair do the talking. Day and night I toiled to achieve perfection and now have a moderately successful blog along with a finished doodle notebook.

I trekked the mountains of Afghanistan and came across the League of Assasins where Ra’as Ghul himself offered to train me, but I said I had other plans.

In short, in the alternate universe composed of my dreams, I did not just sleep and eat and sleep some more during all 45 days of summer.

Seriously though, how many people here fled to the hills during the holidays? And how many stayed at home and slept? And how many went to Afghanistan?

Summer holidays are what the winter is for hibernating animals like bears or frogs or my roommate. Like they hibernate, we go into air-conditioned hibernation in the summer. The only difference perhaps is the fact that animals entering hibernation survive on large food reservoirs of stored glycogen whereas we, heh. Need I say more when my proud food baby says it all?


Moving on, I’ll try to answer the question why so many of us ended up not really doing anything this holiday. While stuck in the tangled mess of classes and labs and O! so important coffee breaks, all our hearts longed for was the summer holiday. We filled up long mental to-do lists for the things we needed to catch up to. And yet, when we looked back at the holiday, when we near the dreaded flight back to Vellore (or Hellore, whatever you want to call it) the regret of not doing enough, the wish for there to have been more, a little more time for you to finish that one more painting. That one more book, that one more movie. And for those of you with an actual social life, that one more meeting with your friends.

The answer to the supremely important question why is nothing but boredom.

Defined as a state of disinterested apathy, boredom has positive as well as negative aspects. As suggested by some psychological studies, boredom in an environment with low-stimuli, aka a terribly long holiday with nothing to do can in some cases lead to a “Eureka” moment. I imagine this was true particularly in the case of Archimedes. Surely everyone remembers the infamous incident in which, Archimedes, whilst sitting in a bath tub, was struck by inspiration and ran down the streets in well, nothing. Far away from naked scientists, a few studies link boredom and disinterest to more serious issues such as ADHD or perhaps even clinical depression.

Whatever the hidden reason, boredom is what brings about procrastination and prevents us from picking up the freshly bought paint and telling a story on canvas. Our brains are machines that need stimuli, that need the work in absence of which, they truly rust.

Time flies, slips right out of your hand like that invigilator snatching your answer sheet at the end of your exam.

So, in the end, my fellow Toastmasters, I’d like to raise a fictional toast to this semester and whatever joys or hardships it may bring. Let’s get stuff done. This time for sure.



Thanks for the read ๐Ÿ™‚


______._.___ ^_^ ___._.______


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