The Great Grand Adhikari Kitchen and Home

Are you tired of discovering cockroaches in the hostel mess food?

Is your stomach a pitiful tortured mess? (*ayyyy! Vada pun! Undoubtidly the best pun ever!)

Have you sunk so low into your gastronomic misery that you no longer recall what good food tastes like?

Or was your last dream about eating Ghar-Ki-lauki-ki-sabzi?

Presenting, the gracious Adhikari Kitchen and Home, a brave volunteer attempting to provide college students with fresh and healthy food.

Located just 10 minutes away from the Chennai International Airport, this amazing universal-local-guardian-for-all, is a perfect safe haven for all.

Everyone is welcome to this temple of healing and rehabilitation for students turned to zombies. (*terms and conditions apply)

Stay at this peaceful sanatorium for your food pipe as you are treated to the best of food there is to find. Pamper your palate and soothe your stomach with the excellent dining at the Adhikari Kitchen and Home.

Come, escape the hostel and join the Adhikaris on their path to making healthy food tasty again with an extensive menu including but not limited to:

  1. Green vegetables
  2. Beetroot
  3. Vegetables
  4. Salad
  5. Fruits (whole)
  6. Fruits (diced)
  7. Fruits (mashed)
  8. Fruits (juice)
  9. Did I mention vegetables?
  10. Mineral infused water
  11. O look! Vegetables!
  12. High protein dal
  13. High purity aate-ki-roti
  14. High purity aate-ki-bread
  15. High purity aate-ke-noodles
  16. “Healthy” fast food
  17. “Healthy” pepsì

With state of the art facilities such as a fully functional washing machine running twice a day, clean washrooms, self-arranging and self-tidying wardrobes, exquisite gardens, well-ventilated bedrooms and what not, you are sure to find your peace of mind even after the worst of semesters as you immerse your body and soul in the fully rejuvenating èxpèrièncè of the one and only, Adhikari Kitchen and Home.

It’s not an experience, it’s a èxpèrièncè.

Now available, newly introduced- SLG (Sympathetic Local  Guardian) facility



  1. All guests are to stay at their own risks. Certain dangers include mild to excessively concerned parent attacks, over-involvement, overflowing enthusiasm and occasional headaches.
  2. Suitable candidates do not include ill-mannered guests and extreme Pepsi/Cola/Coffee addicts.
  3. Females of the species Homo sapien sapien will be given preference to avail boarding facilities and the House is not to be held for discrimination of any kind.
  4. Male of the species Homo sapien sapien currently dating The Eldest Adhikari Progeny will be treated with a mild cold shoulder but an unchanged warm and healthy dinner.
  5. Bonus points will be awarded if the guest has in-depth knowledge of and a love for cooking.
  6. The Dog of the House is to be tolerated by all guests as the Dog is placed above the guest in the social order of the House. The word of the Dog and The Youngest Adhikari is taken as final in most matters of food and eating.


The Dog (as aforementioned)



______._.___ ^_^ ___._.______




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