What in the world is a cornflake?

Hi, I , a member of the species Homo sapien sapien, am me, The Soggy Cornflake. The one left at the bottom of the bowl when you’re done.
I wear a blue Arsenal hoodie but sadly, know next to nothing about it.

I am a serious book nerd and when kids my age were glued to a TV screen, I was attending Hogwarts, helping Frodo destroy the ring and killing monster after monster with Percy Jackson. All this before being somewhat recently introduced to Sherlock and The Flash. And so, now i spend my time hunting for the next good read and the waiting for the next big series to binge watch.

My taste in books and movies mainly oscillates between three genres, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi and have never been able to bear much of romance and drama. I, take inspiration from Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock” and believe sentiment to be a chemical defect found in the losing side.

I am considered above average when it comes to academics and yet, find solace in doodling in peace at the back of a class. Come to think of it, I doodle on pretty much every available surface from question papers to paper napkins to the walls of my room. I somehow find comfort in filling up blank spaces with swirls and straight lines, all of which i prefer to keep out of sight. There is peace in putting thoughts to paper with curly, wavy shapes and phrases and half formed sentences scribbled on a scrap at 2am knowing that all of this, remains unseen.

In terms of a story, mine seems to be the average of averages. Born into a 2nd( or is it 3rd?) generation Army family, I’ve changed schools 7 times the past 12 years, an average number for any Army brat. The highest number of schools attended I’ve ever heard of was about double than that of mine and I aspired to be that level of ultimate coolness. Some would say I’m semi-civillian seeing my complete lack of any sort of military knowledge. All tanks are just tanks to me and all guns, rifles indistinguishable.

No, I can’t play snooker, I have never gone on a a tank ride and my experiences with shooting are next to non-existent. And no, I do not have ammunition at home and neither of my parents not will I shoot people who offend me. (Unless you catch me in a bad mood, I might punch you)

But instead, I’ve played hide and seek in the morgue compound in the Military Hospital my mother was posted in. I’ve turned down a helper walking my dog, choosing to huff and puff at her side at 5am every morning. I’ve sat on the roof of an Army Officers Mess, staring at the stars, far away from the noise of a party. I’ve celebrated Holi with syringes for pichkaris, I’ve burnt gauze in diyas for Diwali.

The reason why I am here is because well….I am pumped up on enough caffeine to give a heart attack to a water buffalo.


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